Who’s Path?

What path are you on?

What path do you want to take?

Has someone else chosen your path?

I feel like I keep going back and forth between the path I want to be on and the path I think others want me to be on. 

As we grow up, there are so many people who influence our choices. It has been a challenge thinking about each choice and figuring out if I am making it because I truly want to make it or am I relying too much on the inner programing. 

Deconstructing…an ongoing journey. – NikkyNicole

Deconstructing that programing has been an ongoing journey. Breaking down the pieces of me I thought I was, to reconnect with person I truly am. 

It isn’t about finding yourself because yourself has been with you the whole time. It’s about letting go of who you are not, bit by bit.