When fear takes over

It’s amazing how fear can take over. All the healing thats been done vanished because of one incident. Over the summer, I didn’t even realize that it took over. I was so sure I was beyond fear (thank you ego) that it grew. And then because one fear took over, other fears began to sneak in unnoticed. 

…Other fears began to sneak in unnoticed.


I was a mess. I thought all of it was hormones from being pregnant. Or maybe that was what I told myself so I didn’t have to deal with my fears. The hormones made it harder for me to process my emotions but I couldn’t process the emotions fully because I didn’t recognize the underlying issue…FEAR.

I am not going to get into detail as to what triggered my fear but I am going to talk to you about how it affected me and how I got out of the cycle. 

It wasn’t until I realized that I was living in fear did I realize how much it was effecting me. I stopped doing the things that brought me joy. No writing, drawing, yoga, meditating, playing the piano, etc. So essentially, I was disconnected from myself. That in turn caused a disconnection with my partner, Chris and my kids. 
But what was so fascinating (and I can only say that now that I am out of it), is that the one fear allowed so many other fears to sneak its way back in. Even fears that I have worked through and released previously. My fear of abandonment showed back up and feeling disconnected from my partner just intensified that. Thankfully he was amazing and loved me as he always has. I was afraid I was going to miscarry. I was so worried about what people were thinking about me. I was constantly worried about my kids.

In all, I was scared every day and had no idea I was! I knew something was off but could not figure out what it was. 

It hit me like a lightning bolt one day while having a hard conversation with Chris. Once I was able to recognize the initial fear was there, I was able to process it and let it go. That led me to slowly recognize the other fears and let them go. 
The initial fear took about a month or so to fully let go. Triggers kept coming so it was like two steps forward, one step back. Once that was released, I was able to recognize the others. My fear of abandonment took just recognizing it to let it go and on the same day I realized that I was disconnected from myself as to why had been feeling disconnected from everyone else. 

Getting rid of fear brought back my confidence. I am finally building the business that I have been dreaming of for the last 6 years! 

Getting rid of fear brought back my confidence.


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