Merry Simple Christmas

The holidays have looked so different at our house. Since we decided to renovate, we have had no decorations up for Christmas. I don’t know if it is the lack of decorations or the weather being so warm in the Chicagoland area, I just have not been in the Christmas spirit. Now, I haven’t been Scrooge either. Some of it could be the exhaustion of being pregnant. The thought of decorating is not appealing. Even my oldest child hasn’t been in the mood to decorate. 

There is no shame in not having a decorated home. – NikkyNicole

So, we’re flowing with it. There is no shame in not having a decorated home. What we do have, is a house full of love and laughter, which I believe is so much more important. It is also a house full of construction and a mess currently. 

Deep breath Nikky, deep breath. It will all come together before baby CJ arrives. My nesting stage has definitely arrived but I want everything done right this second. Unfortunately, it all takes time and steps. Currently we are working on our first floor. Painting everything, new floors, new countertops, new bathroom vanity. It will look gorgeous once completed!

So today, I will focus on finishing the cabinet doors and then shopping with my oldest. Not a bad day off!

This weekend, I will enjoy more time with family during this extended Christmas season. Then it’s back to getting ready for our new arrival in February and preparing to launch FairyTastic. Don’t forget to head over to and subscribe to get updates. A FairyTastic Adventure: The Missing Light will be available for preorder soon!

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