Keeper of Your Happiness

You are the keeper of your own happiness.

Are you one of those that blames others for the situations you are in and why you are feeling the way you are? This is where you have a choice, to continue to allow others to determine how you feel or take control of your feelings and decide you will be happy.

It’s not an easy journey and there may be tears along the way but this is your choice. You are the keeper of your own happiness. You decide how your day, week, month, year will look like. Yes, there will be some sad days and obstacles along the way but how you handle it will decide if these obstacles are the end of the world or for a little bump along the road.

I cry still. When things are hard, I cry and mourn, I process my feelings and then move forward. A fight with my daughters in the morning doesn’t make my whole day horrible. Fights with kids are going to happen all the time and I would be miserable always if I let them determine how my day or week will be.

So, will the fight with your spouse over the weekend cause your week to be miserable or will you be able to move forward and know that disagreements will happen. Yes some fights are worse than others and there special circumstances. But even with the special circumstances, you can still have a life based on joy.

Once you learn how to live a life of joy, small disagreements won’t turn into large arguments. Because you realize that getting upset over small things, diminishes the joy within.

Now, just as you are the keeper of your own happiness, you are NOT the keeper of others. In a future post, I’ll talk more about this but for now, focus on you. We can not control other people but we can change ourselves. If I can make these changes, so can you.

This Is Me

This is me. This is the journey I’ve been on, the journey I’m going through, and the journey I will go on. I’ve been to the dark places in my head and I’ve worked my way out to find joy in discovering the best me. This is #mebeingme…
This blog will not be a place where I complain about people in my past or present. It will be a place where I talk about how I’ve learned to take control of my own happiness so maybe my journey can help you on your journey. We are all different and so beautifully created that what works for me may not fully work for you but everyone can find happiness.
The things that I have gone through have been hard. I could easily say that many have gone through hard things so I should just suck it up and get on with my life but that would diminish my pain. My pain is real, as is yours and it must be accepted and processed so you can move on. It is when we push our pain to the side that it builds and ends up taking control of us.
I have been to the point that a broken tea pot has made me fall to the ground in complete tears and despair. Calling my mom because the pain is too much for me to handle. Seriously, A TEA POT! We all know the saying “Don’t cry over spilt milk,” well that’s what we’re working towards. Because when we don’t process our pain and work through the hard stuff, spilt milk or a broken tea pot can feel like the end of the world.
During that broken tea pot phase, I was in the process of working through my pain. It is so true that it will get worse before it gets better. But when you finally face the demons within, life is so much brighter and beautiful.
I’m not a psychologist, therapist, or doctor (if you need one, find one that listens for longer than 30 min). This is my journey and the things I have learned along the way. I know I will be learning more, because bringing out the best me will always be a work in progress.