2023 Here I Come!

Are decisions we have made throughout our life really our decisions? If you think deeply about it, who we are as a person is partially because of the conditioning of our past. And if we are the conditions of our past then our decisions are made because of the conditionings of other people. A reaction to how we were told taught. So then nothing we have done would technically be our fault. 

In those moments then, are we living life or is life happening to us? 

In those moments then, are we living life or is life happening to us? 

When all of our decisions are due to the conditions of our past then life is living for us and happening around us but we are not truly engaged. What kind of life is this then? 

Can you change the conditionings of your past to live a life you want? You most definitely can. I’ve done it once before and I am doing it again. 

2023 feels really scary right now because there are so many walls to be torn down. So many things to accomplish and overcome so I can have the life I want. No approval needed. I am an adult with children of my own and still I feel like I need approval to make changes to my life. This fear that I may be doing something wrong. But wrong to who? 

Who will I disappoint if I follow my dreams? I have no idea.

Who will I disappoint if I DON’T follow my dreams?

Who will I disappoint if I DON’T follow my dreams? ME! I will disappoint myself. I don’t want to be on my dying bed thinking about the dreams I did not turn into reality. 

Today is January 1, 2023 and today I take ownership of my life. 

I have done this before, taken ownership. Fear crept in in 2021 and I have had the hardest time getting rid of it. Granted there have been a lot of things happening and in that all was some intense hormones from pregnancy and postpartum. 

I am so grateful for all of the mental health healing I have gone through so I could cope with postpartum depression. Now that it is gone, it is time for me to take ownership of my life again and I will do that in three parts. 

  1. I will make changes to myself (mental, physical, spiritual, and my home surroundings) by focusing on removing everything that is not beneficial to me. My word for the year to help me in this process is minimalism
  2. I will focus on doing more with my family rather than letting life happen around us. I want to create more memories rather than accumulate more things. The word for my family is adventures
  3. By removing things from my life that do not benefit me, I will be able to carve out more time to create the career I want. To publish the book I have been writing and to get my business off the ground. The work I will be focusing on for this is diligence

Here’s to a new year and to owning the life I want. 

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Continually learning about myself and the world around me. I have recently realized that we are all connected spiritually with each other and nature. Tapping into that connection has brought more joy and curiosity to me.

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