I am Capable

I asked a friend for help in growing my business and man did she help me realize some things that are holding me back. The subconscious is a crazy animal and I have some (a lot) of work to do to train it. Yes, your subconscious thoughts can be modified. I’ve been modifying mine for over a year now but there seems to be other avenues that I need to go down, remove the trash and fill in the potholes.

I’ve spent years being told subtle lies under the disguise of a joke. If you tell a child the sky is purple, in time the sky will be purple. Just like if you hear a “joke” many times, that “joke” becomes your reality especially when compliments are few and far between. There are also subtle lies told by those who want to protect you. Want to keep you from getting hurt or failing.

I’m going to tell you now, it is ok to fail. The key is to learn from your failure. This is how we grow. I ok with my children having struggles in school because school is a safe place to overcome hardships and become comfortable with making mistakes and learning from them.

Most importantly, I need to remind myself over and over again that I am capable. Capable to reach my goals! Capable to reach for the stars and succeed! I am capable of building the life I want!!!

I know what I want. I want to help people take control of their emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing. I want to show my daughters that they can build the life they want and not the life society says they have to have. I am not going to settle for average!

So, I’m going to take control of the lies and throw them in the trash where they belong. Starting with self reflection and retraining my subconscious. Some reflections will be harder than others but getting through them is so worth it. I’ve been on my journey for awhile now but I’m no where close to being done and that is ok. Because if there was nothing new to learn, life would be pretty damn boring.

At the beginning I brought up my business so let me end by telling you a little bit about it. There are toxic chemicals all around us and in so many of the products we use for ourselves and our children! These toxins can cause emotional and physical problems. A year ago I started using therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living and it has changed my life! Not only the oils but the community of amazing people I have been introduced to. And since I’m one of those people who shares when I love something, that’s what I’ve been called to do. If you’re curious about essential oils or have dabbled a bit but want to learn more, I have a huge event going on in April on Facebook. Click on the event April Showers Oily Powers and choose going. Make sure to set your notifications so you don’t miss a thing!

Now this is #mebeingme. Go out into the world and #youbeyou!

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Continually learning about myself and the world around me. I have recently realized that we are all connected spiritually with each other and nature. Tapping into that connection has brought more joy and curiosity to me.

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